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What if there is a problem with the shelf during use?

Issuing time:2020-03-27 11:01

Supermarket shelves during the use of the problem is mostly deformation and rust, for this problem, mainly is that we buy supermarket shelves quality problems.So when we find the problem in the first time, we will consult with our supplier to solve it.If it is because they placed the overweight goods and make our shelves problems, to take responsibility for their own, if there is a deformation of rust, we should look at the situation to remedy, the situation is serious, the first time to replace the shelf, not serious rust treatment.

The problem with storage shelves during use is basically that they are deformed by bumping and overloading.Therefore, we should place the shelves strictly according to the carrying capacity of the shelves in the process of use. The forklift truck should strictly control the speed during the process of moving. If problems are found at the first time, we should replace the shelves in the warehouse.If the deformation is not serious, be sure to reduce the weight of the goods, check the shelves of the stable parts and beam hooks, found problems the first time for reinforcement and replacement.Warehouse shelves are not like supermarket shelves, if the collapse is easy to cause casualties, so the first time to find the problem, timely solution, do not delay.

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