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No cart, no shopping

Issuing time:2020-03-27 10:49

What is a shopping cart?Maybe the first reaction of the post-8090 generation is online shopping mall, a shopping cart for the products you want.But most people still think of the supermarket trolley, the one that has been with them for years and never complained about.The supermarket trolley has evolved and changed over the years, the only constant being its role.

So trolleys do get a lot of people into the habit of walking into a supermarket and pushing a cart -- whether or not you plan to buy a lot of stuff.

"No cart, no shopping", nowadays there are a lot of people who develop the habit of using a cart, when there is no cart will be shopping, shopping in the supermarket shy away.Why is that?In fact, it is very simple, the supermarket trolley gives everyone a great shopping experience, can not be replaced!

Some people may say that we can choose shopping baskets, yes, shopping baskets are an option, but when you walk around the supermarket with a shopping basket, as the number of items in the basket increases, the enthusiasm for shopping in the supermarket will gradually fade, and shopping basket selection is a very bad choice for supermarket shoppers.

Or a railing basket?Railing baskets are convenient, there is no product heavy and make shopping become a negative situation, but the things you buy are always behind you, always need to look back to see what you bought, think what else?Isn't that convenient?

So, more and more shoppers are adopting the "no cart, no shop" habit, not because they don't want to use a basket, but simply because using a supermarket trolley can make for the best shopping trip.User experience has been on everyone's lips for years, but supermarket suppliers may lose a lot of customers if they don't pay enough attention to it.

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